Partnership for Community Excellence

For California to improve the big outcomes – education, employment, public health and safety – the state and thousands of governments must work closely together. But the history is one of conflict rather than cooperation. In 2011, CA Fwd engaged thousands of experts, advocates and civic leaders to craft the Smart Government Framework, which advocated for moving authority from the State to local governments and encouraged them to integrate actions to improve results. CA Fwd since then has supported the enactment and implementation of significant efforts to create cost-effective public services at the state and regional levels.

  • Since the state enacted Public Safety Realignment in 2011, CA Fwd has worked with county agencies to develop comprehensive community correction models. CA Fwd promoted best practices, helped counties to identify ways to expand drug treatment, mental health and health services for released offenders. CA Fwd’s expert team of public service veterans is now working with select counties to use data-driven models to develop cost-effect policies and programs.
  • Since the state enacted the Local Control Funding Formula, CA Fwd has worked with the California School Boards Association to build the capacity of local school districts and county offices of education to transform educational outcomes. A collaborative of 16 school districts is learning from each other to improve public engagement and the use of data to deliver better results.
  • Through the California Economic Summit, CA Fwd is working to develop and deploy civic models to strengthen the alignment and partnership among workforce training institutions, such as community colleges, with employers who need qualified middle-skilled workers.
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