Partnership for Public Accountability

For democracies to work, elected leaders need to be responsive and representative, and voters must be able to hold elected officials accountable for results. Democratic integrity requires an electoral process that empowers voters and gives candidates and incumbents the incentives to listen and lead. It requires transparency throughout the government so voters have an accurate understanding of public decisions and the results of public programs.

CA Fwd has been a strong advocate for citizens redistricting, top-two primary and term limit reform, and believes these reforms have reduced partisan gridlock and encouraged bipartisan compromises. CA Fwd is an active partner in the Future of California Elections coalition to improve the administration of elections, as well as in legislative reforms to the citizen's initiative process. CA Fwd advocated for a simple majority vote to pass a state budget and for performance metrics for state programs. CA Fwd supported the effort to place open meeting and public record laws in the state constitution. And CA Fwd has worked with government agencies and associations to expand access to public data, including a CA Fwd data portal on local governments.

50 State Solution: A project to capture and link state-based reform work from around the country being done to break partisan gridlock and create a more responsive government.

The best shot at fixing our broken political system in the near term will be at the state and city levels, where citizen action, and new technologies and making government more representative, responsive and transparent.

The 50 State Solution website is the connecting point for these efforts. This digital platform includes:

  • A curated feed of political reform news
  • A blog for original stories and commentary
  • A shared calendar for events focused reform topics

Most importantly, the site will host the State of the Field interactive resource displaying the status of reforms on a state-by-state basis in four key issue areas:

  • Redistricting
  • Voting Process
  • Primary Process
  • Campaign Finance and Disclosure

Political Reform Act Revision Project: A partnership between the Fair Political Practices Commission, UC Berkeley School of Law, UC Davis School of Law, and CA Fwd to modernize and streamline California's landmark ethics law. READ MORE

Election Funding Project: California Forward completed a project to explore strategies to improve cooperation between California's state and local governments on the issue of funding election administration. READ MORE

Cal-Access Working Group: The Cal-Access Working Group is a coalition of public, private, and non-profit organizations coming together with a common mission: modernizing California’s campaign finance and lobbying disclosure system. READ MORE

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